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Bringing vision to reality, the highly qualified team of Imperial Elite builders in Hampstead deliver more than just the finished product. Imperial Elite takes pride in meeting the expectations set within each clients budget and timeline, pushing the boundaries and limitations within construction and design. 

We work to remain a market leader, adapting to the ever-growing industry trends by continuously developing and implementing new techniques. By removing limitations on construction, Imperial Elite cater to projects big and small. 

Whether it be converting empty space within your home to a loft, or starting with a blank canvas to build your dream house, our skilled and experienced team will work with you to guide every step of the process – from design work through to the completed refurbishment.

We at Imperial Elite love to see properties with development potential, so if building from scratch is not for you, we can still help to lead you in the right direction by bringing new life into your old home. Whether you plan to upgrade the internal or external facade, extend your current property or add value for the resale, our team can advise your development requirements.

To guide you through every step of the process, from the planning phase through to fine tuning the finishing touches, we offer an extensive range of professional services making Imperial Elite a complete property solution. In supporting our clients and the building phase, we ensure a two-way communication path is in place so that you remain as involved in each process and decision as the Imperial Elite team.


Leaders in the London construction industry, the Imperial Elite team have builders in Hampstead, St John’s Wood, Highgate and Kensington.

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